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We Are Leading Manufacturer Exporter of Variable Auto Transformer in India

Leading Manufacturer Exporter of Variable Auto Transformer. Variable Transformer is known by different names in different countries such as continuously variable voltage auto transformer, variac auto transformer, variable transformer, variac transformer, variac auto transformer, voltage regulator, dimmer etc. Product Ranges 1Ampere 2Ampere 3Ampere 4Ampere 5Ampere 6Ampere 8Ampere 10Ampere 12Ampere 15Ampere 20Ampere 25Ampere 28Ampere 30Ampere 40Ampere 60Ampere 75Ampere 100Ampere to 600Ampere. products are available in single or 1 phase , three or 3 phase.

Open / Flush Panel Mounting type or floor mounting. Close / Project Enclosed Types. Motorised variacs are also available.

30+ Year Working Experience